Amanda Cook, MS, LMFT


Are you tired of facing the same challenges in your relationships, marriage, family, or career?  Do you feel stuck?  Are you losing hope that things will change?

There is good news for you: things can change.  Hope can be restored.  You can move forward and I can help.

Counseling is a personal process, and it is important that you find a therapist you feel comfortable with. I believe that you will find me to be approachable, kind, and compassionate.  I would consider it an honor to hear your story and help you process your current challenges.

I have recently joined the group at Minnesota Renewal Center as an independent contractor.  If you would like to learn more about Minnesota Renewal Center, you can do so here.

My Approach

I believe that everyone is unique.  We all carry characteristics that set us apart from others. I approach clients from a place of curiosity to learn about these things.  I find it helpful to gather information about your family of origin, your current relationships, your physical health, your emotional health, and your thoughts on spirituality.

I believe that we become who we are because of our life experiences.  Unfortunately, some of those experiences cause wounds that impact the life that we live each day.  I also believe that individuals are capable of change in an effort to lead a life that is full and satisfying, freed from the wounds of the past.  I celebrate with clients in their victories, regardless of size. Even the smallest step can provide hope.

I realize that it can be intimidating to think about sharing your feelings with a stranger.  I am committed to treating you and your story with respect and compassion.